Exercise and Weight Loss Plans for Women

Three main factors in exercise and weight loss for women

An exercise and weight loss plan for women who are looking to lose weight or even maintain their figure should focus on a few things. It doesn’t take much keep that high school figure or even get it back. It really shouldn’t be work it should be enjoyable. Enjoyability in who you are and getting there is very important.

First thing you should be doing is having a good diet plan that is rich in healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables. You should be aiming to have a fruit and vegetable with every meal. And making sure you have a good protein source along with a complex carbohydrate. Apple pie does not count as fruit and supreme pizza doesn’t count as your vegetables either. So just remember ask yourself is this food going to benefit me in the form of nutrition or is it going to make me fat and feel unhealthy.

Second thing is exercise when making an exercise and weight loss plan for women you should keep a strong activity plan, something realistic that you can keep up with in these busy times. If you know you cannot exercise after work because you have a family or you will be to tired then you will have to do it before work or at lunch. You have to work around all the things that will get in the way. When women lose weight they expect to lose weight very quickly cause they ate good or better for a week. It doesn’t work that way.

Third thing with an exercise and weight loss plan for women is keeping your goals realistic and understanding that you will not lose a lot of weight very quickly. Some women will lose it faster than others and some slower. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t lose weight the first week or two, keep pushing through remembering that this changes is for life not just till you get your goal weight. If you think that way you will gain it all back. Make a lifestyle change.

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